First Aid Training @ Arsakeio Tositseio Ekalis

First Aid Training at 3rd Elementary Arsakeio-Tositseio School of Ekali

It is very important to educate young children on issues of First Aid, Fire Protection, Traffic Safety. Only then, will we be able to create a real culture of health and safety not only at work but at our every day life!! In this context, in March 2022, in the framework of the joint action of the School and the Parents’ Association (PTA) of the Third Arsakeio-Tositsio Primary School of Ekali, a First Aid training was held for the students of the 4th and 6th grade by Mrs. Ilia Bardani, Managing Director of EHSQ Development and Dr. Dimitris Nikolaou, instructor at the Institute of Emergency Care and Safety and the European Council of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

The students learned how to call for help, the Emergency telephone numbers, and what to do in case of minor injuries, stings, burns, nosebleeds, as well as drowning by a foreign body. The 6th grade students, in addition to the First Aid quotes, were also trained in the practice of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The presentation took place in the framework of the Skills Workshops and impressed the students, especially when they were invited to put into practice what they had learned.

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