Emergency Drill

At the initiative of Imerys Greece SA and in collaboration with our company, an emergency drill organized and carried out at a Milos Mine. The scenario of the drill was to rescue the trapped driver from a truck that has been overturned.

The team of volunteer rescuers of Milos (OEDIM) participated in the drill with the support of Weber Rescue and the assistance of its official trainer in Greece by Draeger Hellas S.A. Mr. John Retsios. The Fire Safety and Anti-Pollution team of Imerys Greece as well as our scientific collaborator from RMS Consulting Mr. George Skroumpelos had a valuable contribution at the drill. To achieve the rescue drill according to the S.A.V.E.R. standards, OEDIM used special rescue tools (hydraulic expander, hydraulic cutter capable of cutting solid metal, hydraulic telescopic piston, vehicle stabilization system, etc).

The video that follows is a product of the videographer & editing manager Nikos Liakakos.

EHSQ Development would like to thank all the participants for the excellent collaboration!

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