Health & Safety

In the field of Occupational Health & Safety, EHSQ Development provides specialized services, which belong to the following categories:

Occupational H&S Studies & Trainings:

    • Improvement of the Health & Safety culture,
    • Insecure Conditions & Behaviours (BBS – Behaviour Based Safety),
    • Occupational Risk Assessment,
    • Machinery Lock Out and Tag Out Procedures,
    • Facilities Traffic Management,
    • Fire Safety / Fire Protection,
    • Proper selection and use of P.P.E. (fit-testing),
    • Application of a 5S System,
    • Ergonomics,
    • Wellness & Stress Management, and
    • Trainings for Safety at Home  / at Work / in Everyday Life.

First Aid Trainings: First Aid Trainings in colaboration with a Trainer of the World Training Organization Emergency Care and Safety Institute and of the European Research Council of Cardiopulmonary Rescuscitation.

Organization of Health & Safety Workshops.

Emergency Response Plan & Preparedness Exercises: Preparation of contigency plans, e.g. fire, earthquake, malicious actions, trapped workers, e.t.c.

Organization of Drills:

  • evacuations of buildings,
  • fire safety,
  • release from vehicles & construction machinery,
  • work at height,
  • confined spaces.

Health & Safety Legislation: Compliance audits with regards to the Greek & European Legislation . Suggestions for corrective actions to eliminate non-compliances.

Diagnostic Tests & Audits: Diagnostic Tests & Compliance Audits with regards to the Legislation and the Internal Health & Safety Protocols of the Company/Organization.

ISO 45001:2018 H&S Management Systems

ISO 39001:2018 Road Safety Management

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