Giorgos Ntagounakis

Project Manager (Environment & Energy)

Giorgos Ntagounakis holds a BSc in Environmental Studies (University of the Aegean), an MSc in Geography & Environment (EKPA) and is a PhD Candidate in Atmospheric Sciences & Meteorology (EKPA).

His role in EHSQ Development mainly concerns:

  • the design, implementation, inspection and support of Energy Management Systems,
  • the Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, the construction of plans for their reduction and the writing of the Final Carbon Footprint Report,
  • the preparation of Field Studies for any environmental or climatic hazards,
  • area mapping and statistical analysis of environmental data, and
  • providing training on environmental issues such as Climate Change, Energy, etc.

He is a certified Lead Auditor of Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001) and Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (ISO 14064).

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